Wagon Wheel Chandeliers and Lamps
made from authentic antique wooden wagon wheels

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"Oregon Trail" -wagon wheel chandeliers wagon wheel chandeliers and lamps made from authentic antique wooden wagon wheels - Wagon Wheel Chandeliers and Lampsmade from authentic antique wooden wagon wheels
"Oregon Trail"


Our "Oregon Trail" chandeliers are made with authentic heavy wooden wagon wheels, which we gather from old ranches and auctions around the West. We select only the best of the wheels, and use premium hardware to complete the chandeliers. Unlike other wagon wheel fixtures on the market, all wiring is hidden internally and the chandeliers look amazing when viewed from above or below.
The wheels may range in diameter from @ 30" to 52", and the lighting hardware will increase the diameter by @ 14". We leave the wheel with its natural aged patina finish, and offer either a natural rust finish or black finish to the lighting hardware. You may select the size and finish most suitable for your needs. Also, you may select to have a candle look to the hardware and use candelabra sized bulbs, or larger hardware that avoids the candle look. See photos for variations.
Prices vary by diameter of the wheel and number of lights:
Under 36" diameter wheel with six lights...........$1,750.00
Under 36" diameter wheel with ten or twelve lights........$2,150.00
(These smaller wheels are rare and difficult to find) 36" to 40" diameter wheel with six lights..........$1,550.00
36" to 40" diameter wheel with twelve lights.......$1,950.00

41" to 48" diameter wheel with six or seven lights.$1,850.00
41" to 48" diameter wheel with 12 or 14 lights.....$2,400.00
(These wheels have either 12 or 14 spokes)
49" to 52" diameter wheels with 6 to 8 lights......$2,150.00
49" to 52" diameter wheels with 12 to 16 lights....$2,600.00

Shades, made of seamless sheepskin rawhide with rawhide lacing, are priced at $54.00 each, and may be ordered with your chandelier or added later.

Chains or rods are available on all models. Just let us know your preference and the desired hanging height and we can provide exactly what you need. As with all fixtures, the canopy and all necessary mounting hardware is included.

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