FOSSKIN: America's Finest Rawhide Lampshades

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Shallow Bell with Custom Holder (BS-CH) Style -rawhide lamp shades by Foss Lampshade Studios rawhide lamp shades - FOSSKIN: America's Finest Rawhide Lampshades
Shallow Bell with Custom Holder (BS-CH) Style

Corbett Custom Lighting has chosen Foss Lampshade Studios as the exclusive maker of the great lampshades featured on many of our custom lighting fixtures and lamps for over 20 years. They make dozens of proprietary rawhide shade styles just for us. We are pleased to offer to our customers a wide array of FOSSKIN shades, in a variety of sizes and styles.

FOSSKIN. A new name for the oldest and highest quality line of rawhide shades in America.
Each of our custom crafted rawhide lampshades is made with the highest quality sheepskins available in the United States, to ensure maximum durability with minimal care.

Unlike lower quality rawhide shades that split without special tannery treatment, an occasional wipe with a damp cloth is all that's needed to preserve our rawhide shades in like-new condition for a lifetime.

The shape above is like a shallow bell. We make a proprietary holder which allows us to mount the shades as shown in this photo. We offer shades with our proprietary holder in the following sizes at the prices indicated.

5" BS 5" bottom dia. x 3 1/2" top dia. x 4" high w/candle clip...........$63.35
6" BS 6" bottom dia. x 4" top dia. x 4 1/2" high w/candle clip...........$83.15
8" BS 8" bottom dia. x 5 1/4" diaa. x 5 1/2" high w/edison clamp......$96.50
12" RC-CH 12" diameter bottom x 4" diameter top x 7" high..........$135.00
16" RC-CH 16" diameter bottom x 5" diameter top x 8 1/2" high....$197.50
20" RC-CH 20" diameter bottom x 6" diameter top x 9 3/4" high....$257.75
24" RC-CH 24" diameter bottom x 7" diameter top x 11" high........$340.25
Please allow 8 to 10 weeks for shipping, as our shades are made to order.
Quantity discounts are available.

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