Original Custom Lighting Designs
Grand scale and unique lighting fixtures

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"Yellowstone" View from below" -Original custom lighting designs Original Custom Lighting DesignsGrand scale and unique lighting fixtures - Original Custom Lighting DesignsGrand scale and unique lighting fixtures
"Yellowstone" View from below"


This is the bottom view of the "Yellowstone" chandelier. The sunburst pattern begins in the top tier (center) and radiates out and downward through the lower tier. This pattern is on the outside walls of the chandelier rings as well as on the bottoms.

The recessed down lights provide high quality illumination below the chandelier, yet there is little glare to interfere with enjoyment of the artistic elements. The perimeter sconces add to the sunburst effect while adding drama and a pleasing warm glow.

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Roc Corbett has been designing original, unique lighting fixtures on a grand scale since 1974.
Please feel free to call and discuss how we can customize this style to suit your project.

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