Are you addicted to online gaming?

Are you one of the many thousands of people addicted to playing computer games? Do you find playing computer games while ignoring your responsibilities as a form of escapism from the stresses of your everyday life? If so, it is about time that you seek help from a gaming addiction therapist. While there are support groups for those who are already addicted to online games, there are no resources available for those who have not yet fallen under this devastating cycle of addiction.

People become addicted to online games because of how much fun they can have, especially when playing alone or with friends. Some of the most popular computer games are games that require players to work together as a team. These include Farmville and World of Warcraft. These games require immense coordination and are usually played by millions of users at any given time. In order to play these online games to their fullest potential, gamers need to be constantly connected with each other through either text messaging systems or chat systems used in other multiplayer online games. Those who cannot live without their computers and Internet connection often spend hours playing with friends and family members who also cannot resist from playing their favourite games.

Addiction to online gaming often begins at an early age, as studies show that most young children are highly addicted to computer games even at such young ages. One study reported that 20% of elementary school children worldwide are addicted to playing computer games. As teenagers go on to attend college and enter the working world, they are not too willing to give up their addiction to gaming online. Many of them continue to play games at night after returning from school, using their cell phones as controllers. This becomes more serious when parents start worrying about their children’s behaviour when they cannot stop playing their favourite games for several hours straight.

Parents often question if their teens should be allowed to play online gaming consoles due to the effects that it may have on their children’s emotional development and social skills. Experts claim that there is no proof yet that playing gaming online causes depression or any other mental disorders. It is difficult to find a cause-of-advice link between gaming and abnormal behaviour because experts are not sure if there is a link between gaming and ADHD in adolescents. However, most of them agree that teens should be encouraged to take part in games that are free and open to all.

There are other factors that have been linked to increasing cases of online gaming addiction such as peer pressure, the influence of Internet marketing strategies, and changing trends in media and fashion. Gaming has also been linked to an increased incidence of teenage suicide attempts, online bullying, substance abuse, and problematic relationship behaviours among teens. Although there is still much research that needs to be done, experts are certain that online gaming definitely has an effect on teens. It can lead to a variety of bad behaviours and attitudes, such as an increase in alcohol consumption, unprotected sex, and violence towards others.

What is clear is that there is a clear link between playing games and increasing cases of depression, suicidal thoughts, and other problems. A healthier way of living might be just as important as playing games since playing games can sometimes provide the only entertainment for young people. With more parents now becoming concerned about the effects of gaming, more schools are providing gaming options for students. For parents, it is important to talk to their children about the impact of gaming on their lives before letting them start. If there is a suggestion that a child may be having problems with gaming, there are many professionals who can help them get over the issue.