What is mobile gaming?

Mobile gaming is now the most widely popular form of game viewing in the world, surpassing both PC and console gaming. One of the key reasons behind mobile gaming’s growing popularity is great availability – virtually anyone with a smartphone can play mobile gaming, regardless of their location. This opens up a huge market opportunity for businesses offering mobile gaming devices, as it gives them an ever-growing pool of potential customers to advertise to. As well as providing great numbers of potential customers, mobile gaming also provides a number of important benefits. Let’s take a look at just some of these benefits:

Screen Time, Another one of the most common complaints users have about mobile gaming is that they’re boring and don’t offer enough interesting content. With millions of apps available, it’s impossible to not be entertained, but this is usually where many people start complaining. In fact, many of today’s smartphones offer several hundred hours of high definition video and games, meaning you can play for hours on end without ever getting bored or having to switch devices. Add to this screen time, the ability to take your games with you wherever you go, meaning you can enjoy gaming on the subway or plane, and you’ve got a complete home entertainment package at your fingertips.

Facebook Install Campaigns Many people are familiar with the idea of “appvertising” – that is, promoting an application for free on Facebook, the popular social network. The problem with this strategy is that because it requires users to open the app and accept the terms of service, there’s no telling how many people will actually be able to install the app. For mobile gaming, however, there’s a much easier approach. Since most smartphones have already been setup with social networking capabilities, all it takes is a couple of carefully chosen ads and a short promo video for your app to get through the Facebook install process and start racking up fans.

Since the introduction of apps for smart phones, mobile gaming has taken a significant leap into the future. Today’s smartphones have incredible graphic power and complex game engines, as well as the ability to connect with multiple players at once. This allows people to play games with friends, co-workers, and family members across the globe. Add to this the fact that many people already have Facebook accounts that allow them to add friends who also have Facebook apps (which gives them access to everything the gaming site has to offer), and you have a winning combination which can bring in massive numbers to your mobile gaming business. To take your company one step further, consider launching an app for iPhones and Android devices, since these devices have shown very little interest in downloading games, so you’ll have an easier time selling more tickets to your games over the social media networks.

Marketing With Video Games While it might sound a bit weird that your company would promote a particular type of video game, it can be surprisingly effective when done right. Since most people spend so much time on their smartphones, taking advantage of this mobile gaming trend means tapping into the massive amount of mobile gaming potential of these devices have. The first step is to develop an application that will work on the smartphones and to draw people in with the various features of the gaming app. If your application makes people more aware of your brand and your products and services, they’ll want to check out what else you’re offering. This is a major key to the success of mobile gaming, because most smartphone users won’t waste time on anything if it looks like a free download. The next step is to create an experience that will make the user want to download your application so they can have a great experience and possibly purchase your products.

Getting in on the Mobile Gaming Market With Cheap Devices You don’t need to spend a lot of money to tap into the mobile gaming market, even if you’re operating a small mobile gaming business. The first step is to take advantage of your current smartphones’ features to offer the best gaming experience possible. Since most people already have a Facebook account, this gives you an opportunity to allow players to create a Facebook account to connect with each other. Since a lot of people are playing games on smartphones, this opens up an excellent opportunity for mobile gaming businesses to connect with millions of Facebook users. In fact, if you manage a popular social media site, you have a golden opportunity to integrate gaming into that site’s future plans. Remember that you don’t have to compromise quality to get a share of the market, so take advantage of your current smartphones’ capabilities to bring quality gaming to the masses.